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Deaf Cat - Hear Cat
Deaf Cats For Adoption

Deaf Cat – Hear Cat

8 Jul, 2020 1127

Deaf Cat – Hear Cat Yes it is definitely possible to have a deaf cat. First of all, let us state that, deaf cats can make excellent...

What Are Genetic Deafness?
Congenital Deafness

What Are Genetic Deafness?

1 Jul, 2020 1560

What Are Genetic Deafness? Hearing is one of the basic elements of human communication, yet millions of Americans are hearing impaired. Currently only a few...


13 Jun, 2020 0

About About – As the Team, our goal and priority are to provide detailed information about the deaf people and animals. We deal with...

Hearing Loss

Cranial Nerves

12 May, 2020 1275

Cranial nerves is a type of nerve which comes out from the brain directly. This is totally different from the spinal nerves which come out from...