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Online Hearing Tests (FREE)

Online Hearing Tests (FREE) At Hidden Hearing we believe that your hearing is so much more valuable than the results from a five minute...

Online Hearing Tests free

Online Hearing Tests (FREE) At Hidden Hearing we believe that your hearing is so much more valuable than the results from a five minute online hearing test would show.

There are many things that interfere with an online test and when you visit one of our branches you will see that the hearing test, whilst relatively simple, is difficult to recreate on your computer. This is because the specialist equipment used is calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy and the test is carried out in special sound conditions.

The most important reason why we don’t currently believe in online testing is because we believe that the test itself is only part of the journey – if a hearing loss is revealed then you will need a hearing healthcare professional to explain what that could mean for you.


1. Do nothing people usually request a hearing test for a reason and sometimes the test reveals little or no hearing loss. Even with a mild hearing loss it is your right to decide (given good advice) to do nothing. The advantage to a test now is that there will be a record and you will be able to see if your hearing deteriorates in the future. Your hearing aid dispenser can also advise if communication tactics will help.

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Hearing Loss Prevention

2. Refer When a Hidden Hearing Dispenser carries out a hearing test they are also looking for referable conditions. These might something as simple as excessive ear wax and will not be revealed on an online hearing test. Where a Hearing Aid Audiologist finds a referable condition they will generate a letter of referral to your G.P.

3. Take the next step If a hearing loss is found and there are no other contraindications then your hearing aid dispenser will advise if amplification may help. If appropriate, you can actually hear what hearing aids could do for you.

There are more reasons why we don’t believe in an online test and the most important one is contact. Hidden Hearing Aid Audiologists talk to people about their hearing, good or bad, every day and as such have a depth of experience and training that you are welcome to tap into.

Online Hearing Tests (FREE)

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