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Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness)

Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness)

Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness) Our ears are one of the most important organs of our body. All of us are well aware of the condition known as deafness. It is important to take care of our ears and not neglect any ear related problems.

Conductive hearing loss is a condition wherein the eardrum is affected leading to noise impairment that leads to either partial deafness of total deafness. Many kids suffer from this condition. But with the latest technology and hearing devices, it is possible to address this condition. This problem of hearing loss can also be corrected using the right therapies.

Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness)
Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness)

Causes of Conductive Hearing loss

Many a times, conductive hearing loss may be a result of an external injury. Excessive wax formation in the ears could be another reason for this condition. Hence, it is important to exercise personal hygiene by cleaning the wax from the ears. Make sure to clean it regularly or else the walls of the ears may get clogged leading to partial deafness.

Once the wax is removed, the hearing may get restored. Ideally, you need to approach an ENT specialist who will be able to clean the wax. Excess wax may also lead to infection and it could lead to centre ear infection. Due to this, the noise does not get transmitted and the individual may experience problems in hearing. The tympanic membrane may get torn due to a trauma. Ears are hypersensitive organs and can easily get impaired if it is exposed to explosive sounds. Similarly, meddling with the ear internals with ear buds or pointed objects for removing wax may also lead to tearing.

When the sound waves are not able to reach to the outer ear, hearing loss occurs. The extent of the deafness depends on the extent of damage caused to the ear. Just like wax accumulation, fluid accumulation may also result in hearing loss. Similarly, loud music, ostoscelorosis and ear infections may lead to conductive hearing loss. So, it makes sense adopting the right safety measures to save one from hearing loss.

Tell Tale signs of Conductive hearing loss
Some of the symptoms include feeling of fullness in the ear, experiencing an echo like sound in the ear and so on.

Diagnosis of Conductive hearing loss

Some of the ways of diagnosing conductive hearing loss are tuning fork test, otoacoustic emission, whispered speech test and pure tone eudiometry. As per statistics, it has been established that three out of thousand babies experience problems of hearing loss at the time of their birth.

In some cases, hearing loss may develop later in life. Conductive hearing loss can be rectified if the right medical care and treatment is given. Mixed hearing loss is a condition when both the middle ear and the outer ear are damaged.

Treatment of Conductive hearing loss

Hearing loss may also happen over a period of time. The severity of the condition depends on a variety of causative factors. The ear comprises of the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear and if any of the regions are affected, it could lead to hearing loss. A permanent hearing loss problem can be treated surgically and rectified, if the child is less than six months. If the infant is treated at an early stage, there are lesser problems of communication when he or she grows up.

Ear infection of otitis media is a temporary condition where the Eustachian tube gets blocked due to wax formation. Other ways of treating hearing loss problems are by surgery or by using an appropriate hearing aid. Cochlear implants or hearing aids are recommended for treating sensorineural defects.

The latest digital hearing aids help in treating selective deafness problems. People who have become partially dead due to exposure to loud noises should refrain from these or take adequate steps to be away from such noise. Listening to ear phones music for a long period of time should also be careful as it could have negative effects in the long run. The latest in treating conductive hearing loss is laser plastic surgery. It helps in treating persistent ear infections, congenital ear tumours and other ear defects.

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Last but not the least; conductive hearing loss can be treated with laser ear surgery which is a minimal invasive ear surgery with minimal swelling and bruising.

Conductive Hearing Loss (Deafness)

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