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Deaf Cat – Hear Cat

Deaf Cat - Hear Cat First of all, let us state that, deaf cats can make excellent pets and may live healthy and balanced...

Deaf Cat - Hear Cat

Deaf CatHear Cat Yes it is definitely possible to have a deaf cat.

First of all, let us state that, deaf cats can make excellent pets and may live healthy and balanced day-to-day lives together with the proper care and attention.

Types of deafness
Deafness is the inability to hear, there are two main types of deafness, example:
1. This type of deafness may be reversible with treatment.

Deaf Cat - Hear Cat
Deaf Cat – Hear Cat
  • Tumors
  • Outer and middle ear infections
  • Ear mites
  • Wax build-up

2. These can produce permanent deafness.

  • Genetic problems (White-haired, blue-eyed cats have a higher incidence of deafness.)
  • Inner ear infections
  • Drug toxicity
  • Noise trauma
  • Age-related degeneration

Training a deaf cat

Animals adapt wonderfully to all kinds of physical disabilities. Pet owners can certainly help make the lifestyles of their domestic pets easier and even more pleasurable as soon as the deafness is identified.

Living Indoors

It is extremely important that deaf cats live indoors; safety measures also need to be studied because they can’t hear real danger nearing. It is easy to create a secure cat enclosure so that your deaf cat can safely spend time outdoors. Remember that cats climb and jump so pet owners have to be cautious of open windows and doors constantly. Saftey chains can be placed on windows; this will enable pet owners to leave windows open, but the cat will not be able to get out.


Temperament is determined through specific behavior.
Deaf cats tend to sleep soundly and do not respond to calls. Sometimes, they will continue sleeping until they are awakened with a touch. Some deaf cats may seem to be nervous or grumpy, this is due to the fact that they cannot hear what is going on around them. To avoid your cat becoming nervous, you should always try to approach them by walking normally in a way that will cause a vibration on the floor, or switch on a light. This will stop them being startled by your touch.


You might think that communicating with a deaf cat may be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. To train a deaf pet, utilize clear and distinctive hand signals that will be visible from a distance. Consistency is also vital. For example, shaking your hand in a “thumbs down” motion while shaking your head will soon teach your cat that you mean “No.”

Deaf cats like humans need to establish a routine. Doing things at the same time each day will help the cat get into a pattern.
Place a collar with a bell on your cat. This helps you know where the cat is.

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Having other pets

You may enjoy having two cats. The cats will be able to communicate with each other, and teach the deaf cat routines.
Like all cats, deaf cats are beautiful, and deserve loving and responsible homes.


Remember that deaf cat’s have heightened senses, including sight, they can see and respond by purring when you play and give them attention. Our facial expressions and body language while talking transmit our thoughts and feelings even more clearly than sound. 

Deaf Cat – Hear Cat

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