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Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats)

Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats) Ear diseases are one of the most common causes of taking cats to the veterinarian. Chronic ear infection increases the risk of ear tumor.

Deaf Cat - Hearing Loss Cats - cat hearing loss

Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats) Ear diseases are one of the most common causes of taking cats to the veterinarian. Chronic ear infection increases the risk of ear tumor. Ear mites are common in young, protruding cats. All this can cause deafness. Deafness is inherited in some blue-eyed, white cats.

Symptoms of Ear Diseases in Cats

Cat with hearing, hearing and deafness; He will shake his head uncomfortably and scratch his head and ears at short intervals.

When ear diseases are not treated in cats, they cause a much more serious inner ear infection. This can cause diseases to progress and cause deafness. Symptoms of ear disorders in cats can be:

Deaf Cat - Hearing Loss Cats - cat hearing loss
Deaf Cat – Hearing Loss Cats – cat hearing loss

 Head and ear shaking;

 Scratching one or both ears;

 A bad smell from the ears;

 Yellow, brown or mahogany ear discharge;

 Inflammation in the auricle or opening of the ear canal;

 Aggression when touching near the ears;

 Keeping the head tilted aside;

 Significant hearing loss;

 Swelling in the auricle.

An untreated outer ear inflammation can lead to middle or inner ear inflammation that causes tearing of the ear, bending the head and loss of balance. Always treat all your cats (and dogs if any), ear mites with an effective product for at least three weeks.

Is Deafness Hereditary in Cats?

 Researchers say, “Is deafness inherited in cats?” They now answer the question yes without thinking. Because, as we said at the beginning of our article, white cats are more genetically prone to deafness and the rate of these cats’ breeding as deaf is quite high.

Cats have two types of deafness!

Just like in humans, cats have two types of deafness. These are one ear deaf (unilateral) and both ears deaf (biteral). Let’s add that although the mother and father are not deaf, there is also a risk that the offspring will be born deaf. Deafness can be congenital; for example, in the case of white cats born deaf or derived from some other sources, such as old age, injury, infection, or as a side effect of certain medications.

Deafness, which is temporary or permanent, is a loss of hearing ability that usually occurs due to a genetic disease, injuries, age, and some medications. It can be seen in one ear or it can be shaped in both ears. We can say that especially cats are really successful in living without hearing. Cats are amazing creatures that quickly adapt to any situation they are in. Only in the process of getting used to this situation should the owners get used to the situation and help their cats in this process.

Deaf Cat Care

First of all, let’s say this; If you have a deaf cat, avoiding breeding will prevent deaf puppies from coming into the world. The reason for the fact that the population of deaf cats in our country has increased so much right now is due to the unconscious production of genetically predisposed white cats.

One of the most common problems in deaf cats living in the home is their excessively loud meow. This is perfectly normal, and people who do not hear are talking loudly. Deaf cats sometimes make disturbing noises because they do not hear their own voices,

Apart from that, it is useful to be cautious about letting deaf cats out. Although they can live their lives normally using their other organs, it may cost their lives to not hear a car that arrives quickly.

If you wear a rattle-like item around your neck, you can easily feel where it is.

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To communicate with your deaf cat, it is necessary to develop a consistent, always the same method. For this, when you want to call it with you, you can use laser-like lights, fix a sign before awarding, and always use it. You can also make vibrating apps for your cat to take care of you. He will feel it when you hit the ground with your foot.

Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats)

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