Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog) Many causes of hearing loss in humans can also be the cause of a dog’s hearing loss. Defects from genes cause it to be deaf from birth. This is known as congenital deafness just like in humans. At the same time, a dog may lose hearing because of an ear infection and ear injury. It has also been observed that there is a gradual or sudden hearing loss due to old age.

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)
Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)

Diagnosis of Deafness in Dogs

Except for some tests you can do at home, veterinarians with the necessary equipment carry out tests to make an accurate diagnosis. In general, veterinarians check for hearing loss by BAER, that is, the auditory brain test. This test shows the brain activity of the dog’s reactions to sounds, and this electrical activity is recorded. There are other tests that can be applied to measure the functionality of the ears. ıt is one of them in trypanometry.

It provides control of the middle ear and eardrum.

It measures the response of the ear to loud sounds. Otoacoustic emission test (OAE), on the other hand, allows the measurement of the response of the outer hair cells in the ear to the sounds. By applying any of these tests, your dog’s hearing loss level can be determined

BAER: Means auditory brainstem response. When interpreted together with the results of other audiological tests, it provides objective evaluation of the hearing and has a high diagnostic value. The interpretation of the test is as important as the implementation. It is a very special test that requires knowledge and experience of the field that should be interpreted by audiology experts.

If you think your dog has trouble hearing, pay attention to these symptoms:

Loud sounds do not wake your dog.

Doesn’t react to sounds like before

Does not come when called and does not execute commands you give

We would like to underline that dogs with partial or complete hearing loss do not differ much from other dogs. Don’t worry, your dog is happy and loving as usual and can play games.

Being deaf does not prevent you from owning a dog. Do not heed the wrong stories, as deaf dogs are more moody or aggressive. Your dog will not be able to hear you, but nice experiences will not be less than other dogs.

There are many ways to adopt deaf dogs.

I will suggest a site that is very useful in this regard. “https://deafdogsrock.com/available-dogs On this page, there are hundreds of dogs waiting to have a family. They need more families in others due to hearing impairments. If you want to own one of them, this site will be very useful. There are also sales of vibration collars that may be needed for deaf dogs. If you say that I can not own but still have a contribution, there are donation buttons on the page. You can donate as much as you wish by using those buttons.

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What is deafness? Why happen?

http://www.deafdogrescueofamerica.org/adoptable-dogs.html If you are interested in deaf dogs, this is a page you should also review. They help deaf dogs who need help with shelter. Likewise, they provide educational information for those who want to own them again. They also provide post-adoption training free of charge in their field to help the adopted dog communicate with new family members.

Please take the deaf dogs that you see or come across to your nearest shelter or try to transport them to a safe place by getting support from these sites.

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)
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