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Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention We are not only here to help those with hearing loss improve the quality of their life, we also help those....

Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention We are not only here to help those with hearing loss improve the quality of their life, we also help those exposed to loud sound protect their hearing. Hearing protection comes in two basic types:

• Modular, fixed response (one size fits all) and;
• Custom made attenuated response.

The first of these solutions is good for occasional use or visitors to noisy places (factories, etc.). At Hidden Hearing we favor the second option which is a custom made solution for those serious about protecting their hearing from prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels. It is a little known fact that listening to noise and/or music above 85dB can damage your hearing beyond repair. To give you some idea of how loud this is, 85dB is no more than talking loudly or a shout. A custom made product is one that has been made from an impression of your ear.

The unique properties of a custom made fitting mean that there is a greater acoustic seal and because it is manufactured especially for your ear then it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. There are too many solutions to list and here are the most popular:


It is widely reported that prolonged use of MP3 players at excessive levels can damage your hearing. There are two reasons why this can happen:

The insert earphones don’t fit as well as you would like and you have to turn them up for the sound that is ‘lost’ out of the ea. Extraneous background noise intrudes on your listening enjoyment and you turn up the MP3 player to compensate. Custom made sleeves address both of these issues by providing a specially made cover for the standard 12mm driver. Comfort is maximized and the custom made fit means that background noise is reduced and less volume can be used often resulting in greater clarity.


As the name suggests, these unique filters are available at different attenuation levels and provide a flat response ideally suited to musicians. Your choice of 9, 15 & 25dB attenuation (the louder the music, the more you need) and all them allow you to continue to hear the pitch and timbre of the music you love. Each of these specially developed filters still allows conversation whilst in place (i.e. you don’t have to keep taking them out and then putting them back in again).

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Both of these products are made exclusively for Hidden Hearing and have been developed with specialist filters to offer protection to motorcyclists, power tool operators, etc. Ask your Hidden Hearing Noise Protection Specialist which is most suitable for you based on your needs.


MP3 players are more likely to cause hearing loss than older portable music devices. They provide high-quality sound at very high volumes, and users can listen longer than ever before. The length of exposure to loud sounds is one of the greatest risk factors for hearing loss. Prevention of this type of hearing loss is critical. It develops gradually over time, and once the damage has occured it’s irreversible. Fortunately it’s not difficult to avoid damaging your hearing while still enjoying the music. Acclimatise your ears to a lower volume, by turning it down gradually the difference will be less noticable. Don’t block out loud noises around you by increasing the volume.

Headphones which fit inside the ear generally don’t provide a good bass response. Increasing the volume to hear more bass can take high-tone sounds to dangerous levels. Take a break, the risk of damage increases with length of exposure.

Hearing Loss Prevention

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