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What Is Homeopathy?

What Is Homeopathy? Modern homeopathy was pioneered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Even though homeopathy today is seen by many as a “New Age” treatment, its background is very much in the rigors of traditional scientific theory...

What Is Homeopathy

The Oxford Dictionary defines Homeopathy as follows: “The treatment of disease by minute doses of drugs that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of the disease.”

Homeopathy and Tinnitus

What Is Homeopathy? Modern homeopathy was pioneered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Even though homeopathy today is seen by many as a “New Age” treatment, its background is very much in the rigors of traditional scientific theory. New quantifying technologies and experimental protocols are sparking renewed interest in the field by mainstream researchers and scientists.
Helping your Body to Help Itself

  • In order to fully understand how natural relief from Tinnitus can be achieved, it is necessary to explain the theory and practice of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a controversial area of health science (at least in the United States), with many conventional doctors and scientists stating that, because it does not adhere to current understandings of chemistry, physics and medicine, it cannot possibly work. They cite numerous trials where homeopathic medicines have had no effect (whilst ignoring the many clinical trials that have demonstrated its effectiveness).

What Is Homeopathy
What Is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is fast gaining acceptance in the US

Homeopathy is not (yet) a mainstream practice in the US but it is getting there fast. It is a very different story in countries such as the UK, Belgium, France and Germany, where homeopathy is quite popular and enjoys a strong (and increasing) level of support from both the general populace and the medical fraternity.

In many respects, this is not surprising. The general population will accept a treatment methodology that works for them, whilst many in the medical fraternity are unable to accept (or be seen to accept) a treatment mode that, according to what they have been taught, cannot be real.

However, the latest research by leading Universities, private research institutions and companies, using new devices such as NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging), is showing that homeopathic effects are a real phenomenon.

The fact that homeopathy appears to work on a completely different set of principles to that of allopathic medicine explains why the ability to quantify its key characteristics only recently became available. Aspects of Homeopathy

Homeopathy treats the person as much as it does the disease

In other words, one gets as many details as possible about the ailment from the patient and then matches them to all the symptoms that can be elicited from certain plant / mineral / animal extracts (when treated homeopathic become known as remedies) which when given to a healthy person in quantities accepted by conventional knowledge of chemistry and biology to cause a reaction.

  • Match the two sets of symptoms exactly and the disease or condition starts melting away, almost miraculously.
  • This contravenes conventional thinking, that in order to cure a disease you must use treatments that fight the diseases directly.
  • Whilst the exact mechanism is unknown, it is suspected that homeopathic remedies somehow “trigger” the innate ability of the body to heal itself. This is broadly similar to the concept of a vaccine.

The Homeopathic T-Gone Tinnitus Remedies available at this web site are composite remedies. They contain a number of ingredients, only a small number of which, perhaps even just one, work for any particular person.
Each person is different – and the remedy must reflect this

Even if individuals display the same symptoms and caught the ailment in the same manner, the remedies may need to be totally different in order to effect a cure for both individuals. This is because homeopathy recognizes that different people respond to the same remedy in different ways. Different body types and even personal preferences can have a significant bearing on the remedy needed to cure a certain ailment.


The lesser the remedy, the greater the effect…

Homeopathic tinnitus remedies are diluted and succussed (shaken) in water to achieve the desired properties. Conventional theory states that this is not going to produce any biological effects .

The remedies are often diluted to beyond Avogadro’s number, which means that it is highly unlikely that even a single molecule of the original mother tincture is left in the remedy. Traditional science says that the remedy cannot have any effect.

The water retains a memory of certain characteristics of the tincture. The latest research in the area is confirming this.

What Is Homeopathy
What Is Homeopathy

Only a minute percentage of the wide spectrum of the available plants, minerals and organic substances available have been screened for homeopathic use.

Of those that have been screened, very, very few have been screened exhaustively.

With all of these massive considerations to take into account, along with the fact that only a comparative handful of remedies are known, it is nothing short of a miracle that homeopathy is as successful as it is.

Homeopathy is a study in both revelation and despair – if you’re not 100% committed to it, it will frustrate you. If you are 100% committed, it will be a revelation…and even then, it will still throw up challenges to you which appear to defy conventional wisdom.

Homeopathy is curative…but it can take time

The Oxford Pocket Dictionary defines curative as “tending or able to cure.”

  • On the face of it, the fact that homeopathy is curative, is wonderful. In practice, however, it is often outweighed by time rules.
  • Many people today expect instant gratification, instant results and instant satisfaction. That is almost never the case with homeopathy, except in a relatively small number of cases. Unfortunately with health matters, it is not always quite so simple.
  • As a general rule of thumb, we have found that for every year that a disease has manifested, it takes about a month to get complete relief.
  • With some people it is longer, with others sooner.
  • That is not just to give partial relief of tinnitus which begins quite soon in many cases (a few days, but sometimes it may take 4-8 weeks), but to obtain greater level of relief.

This is often the main reason that some people with chronic conditions such as tinnitus do not carry on with the treatment and give up halfway through the course.

Acute conditions which haven’t been around long, will clear up far more quickly than conventional drugs can help.Diseases and ailments which have been in existence for a long time do take longer for the remedies to bring complete relief. As with everything else in life, perseverance is the key to success.

Homeopathy is extremely effective and safe when done by experts

Homeopathy is an extremely powerful doctrine that can do wonders, but it must be treated with as much respect as any other medical discipline.

Side Effects and Risks Of Homeopathy

A systematic review found that homeopathic remedies are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions.

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Tinnitus Noises (Ringing İn Right Ear)

Homeopaths expect some of their patients to experience homeopathic aggravation (a temporary worsening of existing symptoms after taking a homeopathic remedy). Researchers have not found much evidence of this reaction in clinical studies; however, research on homeopathic aggravations is scarce.

  • Homeopathic remedies are not known to interfere with conventional drugs.

Tinnitus Noises (Ringing İn Right Ear)

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