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Treatment of Tinnitus

Treatment of Tinnitus Do you hear high pitched whistling noises in the ears that are simply driving you crazy? Tinnitus is the name..


Treatment of Tinnitus Do you hear high pitched whistling noises in the ears that are simply driving you crazy? Tinnitus is the name of this life changing condition and it affects millions of people all across the world.

Many of these people hear these sounds constantly without relief. It’s important for tinnitus sufferers to have the support of others because living with those whistling noises in your ears can be difficult. Your family members and friends will not be able to comprehend hearing strange whistling or ringing noise in your ears.

This causes a number of different feelings to erupt that you need help dealing with. People with tinnitus can feel frustrated because they can no longer enjoy the things they used to.

  • It can make you feel isolated and alone, especially when the noises are so loud that it’s even difficult to have a simple conversation.

Anxiety, Depression and Anger

  • Some people experience anger, depression and hopelessness.
  • Having the support of others can help you deal with these emotions.

You don’t have to be alone even if your spouse and closest friends don’t understand exactly what you’re dealing with. Reach out to these people and explain how you feel and what you need from them to help you live with these annoying and disturbing sounds.

In many cases, just communicating with the ones you’re closest to will help them understand, so they can give you the support you need.

Talk To People with Tinnitus

It’s also a good idea to talk to others who have tinnitus. Sometimes, just knowing that you’re not alone can really help.

If you’re feeling depressed or hopeless, it can help to talk to a professional about these feelings.

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Tinnitus Support for High Pitched Whistling Noises in The Ears

  • Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for the help of others.
  • Together you can learn to cope with the high pitched whistling noises in your ears while you explore different treatment options.
  • This is a service that Ellen Currie provides to tinnitus sufferers. 

Treatment of Tinnitus

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