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Top Tips For Looking After Your Ears

21 Dec, 2020 1085

Top Tips For Looking After Your Ears Your hearing and your ears are precious and easily damaged. Take better care of them by following these...

Earwax - deafness - hearing loss


7 Dec, 2020 1083

Earwax (or ear wax) is an oily substance produced by glands at the entrance to the ear canal, which it protects and lubricates. The skin...

Deaf Cat - Hear Cat
Deaf Cats For Adoption

Deaf Cat – Hear Cat

8 Jul, 2020 1127

Deaf Cat – Hear Cat Yes it is definitely possible to have a deaf cat. First of all, let us state that, deaf cats can make excellent...


What is hearing loss?

22 Jun, 2020 2215

What is inner ear hearing loss? What is hearing loss? There are almost nine million people in the UK alone with some degree of deafness...

Online Hearing Tests free
Cat Hearing Test

Online Hearing Tests (FREE)

10 Mar, 2020 1214

Online Hearing Tests (FREE) At Hidden Hearing we believe that your hearing is so much more valuable than the results from a five minute online...

Deaf Dogs For Adoption

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog)

8 Mar, 2020 941

Hearing Loss in Dogs (Deaf Dog) Many causes of hearing loss in humans can also be the cause of a dog’s hearing loss. Defects from...

Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention

2 Mar, 2020 1159

Hearing Loss Prevention We are not only here to help those with hearing loss improve the quality of their life, we also help those exposed...

Deaf Cats For Adoption

Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats)

28 Feb, 2020 884

Deaf Cat (Hearing Loss Cats) Ear diseases are one of the most common causes of taking cats to the veterinarian. Chronic ear infection increases the...